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Alpha One is a wholesale fertilizer supplier that specializes in premium organic fertilizers. Their products are designed to promote healthy and thriving lawns and gardens while being safe for pets and the environment. Alpha One offers a range of organic fertilizers, including their flagship product, Alpha One Natural Organic Fertilizer, which has the highest based organic matter content on the market. They also have other products like AlphaLawn II Plus Iron Organic Fertilizer, AlphaLawn Z Zero Phosphorus, El Primero Fertilizer, Germinator Starter Fertilizer, and more.

With a focus on quality and effectiveness, Alpha One's fertilizers provide a homogenous nutrient balance that ensures consistent plant growth without the excess lush growth often associated with chemical fertilizers. Their products have natural time-release properties that make nutrients available to plants over an extended period of time. Additionally, Alpha One's fertilizers do not contain any manures, sludge, or waste materials.

Founded in 1990 by Gary Bragdon, Alpha One has grown from its initial offerings to become a trusted name in the industry. Their commitment to producing high-quality organic fertilizers has earned them positive reviews from customers who appreciate their safe and effective products.