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Alternative Small Business Consultants

Los Angeles, CA

Alternative Small Business Consultants (ASBC) is a consulting firm dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. They offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of small businesses at various stages of their lifecycle. ASBC provides Startup Services, which include idea validation, financial planning, and go-to-market strategy development. Their experienced consultants conduct market research, identify pain points, develop products or services, gather customer feedback, and assess financial feasibility to help entrepreneurs launch their business with confidence.

ASBC's Financial Planning services assist entrepreneurs in securing funding, managing cash flow, and making informed financial decisions. They offer expertise in areas such as funding strategies, budgeting and cash flow management, financial forecasting, tax planning, and risk management.

For small businesses looking to bring their products or services to market effectively, ASBC offers Go-to-Market Strategy services. Their consultants conduct in-depth research to inform pricing, positioning, and messaging recommendations. They also help with product development, channel strategy identification, sales strategy development and execution, branding strategy creation, and launch planning.

With a personalized approach and a network of experienced consultants specializing in different areas of business, ASBC aims to provide affordable and effective consulting services to support the growth and success of small businesses.