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Autism Parent Logo

Autism Parent

Henderson, NV

Autism Parent is a website that offers an Autism Parent Toolbox and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) training courses designed exclusively for parents. The Autism Parent Toolbox provides parents with a curriculum that engages children and teaches them important skills such as language, communication, daily living skills, and more. The ABA training courses use strategies and techniques that can be easily implemented during daily routines and activities.

The founders of Autism Parent, Lena Sankovich and Vincent Moncada, believe that parents are the most important individuals in their children's lives and have the power to make a significant impact on their learning and independence. They created this platform to empower parents to become effective trainers for their children with special needs.

Autism Parent offers an All Access Membership that allows parents to save up to 60% off the training courses. This membership provides access to all ABA training courses, demonstration videos, the Target Teacher: Autism Skill Building Curriculum, photo flashcards, data sheets, forms, and all new content. It is designed to give parents of all experience levels the foundation necessary to help their children thrive through natural language promotion and teaching new skills through play and everyday routines.

Overall, Autism Parent aims to provide parents with the tools they need to support their children with autism and help them reach their full potential.