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Behavioral Health Intervention Center Logo

Behavioral Health Intervention Center

10420 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210

Behavioral Health Intervention Center (BHIC) offers DWI assessments and education programs for individuals who have been convicted of a DWI charge in North Carolina. The assessments are conducted by licensed alcoholism counselors and involve a series of questions to determine the level of treatment required by the offender. BHIC follows the ASAM criteria, which provides guidelines for placement and treatment based on the severity of the addiction.

The treatment levels at BHIC include:

- Level 0.1: Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) for first-time offenders without prior DWI history.

- Level 1.0: Short-term and long-term outpatient treatment for individuals who require additional counseling beyond ADETS.

- Level 2.0: Intensive outpatient treatment for those with a diagnosis of substance abuse dependence.

- Level 3.0: Inpatient and residential treatment services in a recovery or rehabilitation center.

- Level 4.0: Medically managed intensive inpatient services for severe and unstable cases.

BHIC emphasizes personalized care and offers virtual assessments to accommodate their clients' needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide various services, such as individual and group counseling, family support, case management, and relapse prevention strategies. If you or someone you know requires a DWI assessment or alcoholism counseling, BHIC is available to provide comprehensive and tailored support.