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CHILD USA is a leading national nonprofit think tank dedicated to protecting the civil rights of children and preventing child sexual abuse. They employ in-depth legal analysis and cutting-edge social science research to achieve their mission. CHILD USA focuses on several key initiatives, including:

1. Child Sex Abuse and Trafficking: They work to reform statutes of limitations for child sex abuse, combat child marriage, and address the abuse and neglect of athletes.

2. Medical Neglect and Vaccination Reform: CHILD USA aims to ensure that children receive proper medical care by advocating against religious exemptions that hinder testing and screening.

3. Educational Neglect: They are committed to ensuring that all children have access to a quality education, regardless of their location.

Through their initiatives, CHILD USA strives to create a safer world for children by advocating for legal reforms, holding institutions accountable, and promoting awareness about child abuse prevention. For more information about their work, you can visit their website.