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Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito Logo

Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito

2619 State Hwy, Wellfleet, MA 02667
✅ LocalCity Exchange Trusted Business

Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito is a reputable company specializing in tick and mosquito control services. With a focus on protecting families, pets, and visitors from the dangers of ticks and Lyme disease, they offer licensed and insured treatments for the entire property. Their services include treating the lawn area, ornamental trees and shrubs, planting beds, natural areas, and foundations.

Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito provides both chemical treatments with Bifenthrin and organic treatments with Cedar Oil. They also offer a unique hybrid program that combines chemical options in the early spring and fall for ticks, while utilizing organic options during the summer for mosquitos. This ensures comprehensive pest control throughout the year.

Customers have praised Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito for their quick service, experienced team, quick response to inquiries, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company has received over 15 5-star reviews from satisfied clients who highly recommend their services.

To learn more about their tick and mosquito control programs or to sign up, interested individuals can visit their website or contact them directly through phone or email provided on their site. Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito is committed to providing effective pest control solutions and has been serving customers since 1991 as part of Greenstuff Lawncare, Inc.