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HCO Wealth is a financial advisory firm based in Roanoke, Virginia. Their services include financial planning, investment management, tax strategies, asset protection, estate planning, and more. They offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management using their proprietary LIFT Framework, which addresses legal, investing, financial, and tax aspects of clients' financial lives. HCO Wealth is backed by institutional-level systems through their partnership with Pershing LLC, part of BNY Mellon's global platform.

The firm has a team of experienced professionals who work together to protect and grow clients' wealth. The team includes Managing Partner Ian A. Hamre, Senior Partner Bruce H. Harrison, Associate Financial Planner Tyler Hillyer, and Client Service Manager Lisa A. Dellinger.

HCO Wealth also emphasizes its network of partners and subject-matter experts who can provide additional expertise in areas such as portfolio strategy, tax planning, business and estate law, private banking, and more.

In addition to their services, HCO Wealth offers several investment products such as the HCO Smart Index Sector Advantage Strategy, HCO Quantum Nova Stock Strategy and Dividend Stock Strategy. They also provide bond ladders and alternative investment strategies.

Overall, HCO Wealth aims to bring order to complex financial situations and help clients achieve confidence and clarity about their finances.